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Baby Activity Gyms: A Hot-Selling Product in a Low-Competition Market

By on Tuesday May 29

It seems that another baby product shows tremendous appearance in the Labs! While there are lots of suggested product ideas, I immediately took notice on the different kinds of baby activity gyms that are flooding under the "Baby" category. It is said that a child's capacity to learn and grow is never-ending, and it starts from the moment they are born. With baby activity gyms, it helps develop a baby's cognitive, and sensory awareness through colors, sounds, and textures. And with its...

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The 20 Best Free Online Logo Makers: Create a Professional Brand Identity

By on Thursday April 12

Think of an iconic logo. What comes to mind? Is it the Nike swoosh? The golden arches of McDonald’s? Or maybe it’s Apple’s apple? The best brand logos are recognised universally. They capture the essence of a business and communicate it to the masses, often without using words. If you’re new to ecommerce or wanting to refresh your online store, you’ve probably thought about creating your own logo. The thing is, the major brands mentioned above spend...

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Range Hoods: A Surprise Trending Product in the Kitchen Appliance Market

By on Monday April 9

Every kitchen needs a stove to keep it functional. While using a stove when cooking, the air in the room will be permeated with aromas from the food. Luckily with range hoods, it keeps the odor from spreading across the room while preventing grease, and moisture that causes molds. Kitchen appliances are a hot commodity in the Labs under the “Appliances” category. We’ve previously featured microwaves, refrigerators, stand-alone freezers as good niches to start selling under this category....

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5 Hacks You Can Use to Optimize Your Drop shipping Store for Conversions

If you’re familiar with the world of ecommerce, you will have come across the business model known as dropshipping. If you’re new to dropshipping, it can be hard to get your head around the idea of running an online store without having any stock. Dropshipping is essentially selling products via a third-party supplier or manufacturer, which means you don’t have to buy in bulk or deal with shipping. Once you understand how dropshipping works, you will see that it is one of...

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Copic Sketch Markers: The Popular Arts & Crafts Niche that Can Make You Profits

If you’re a professional artist, you may already be familiar with the Japanese brand Copic. If you're just starting to dabble in non-digital art and illustration, now is a great time to put this highly revered brand on your radar for future supplies to invest in! Copic markers are alcohol-based and dry acid free. They're also refillable, and you can mix refill inks to create custom colors beyond the 358 currently available. Sketch markers, just one variant of Copic markers, feature two...

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Why Compact Refrigerators are Hot Products to Sell in 2018

According to SaleHoo's Market Research Lab, compact refrigerators are hot commodities! These small refrigerators are a staple of college dormitories across the country, but they're also a great choice for people living in small apartments or tiny homes. And of course, they're an essential for home entertaining, when you have a wet bar and don't necessarily want a full-size refrigerator for keeping drinks cold, or a man cave in need of a place to keep beer cold without venturing upstairs....

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30 of the Best Low Cost, High Profit Products

“Margin” is the difference between the wholesale cost of an item and the price your store sells it for (which, in turn, pays for all your business’s expenses). Essentially, your profit margin is like the emperor for your eCommerce store. Higher margins allow your business to be profitable. Smaller margins make you crash and burn. Think about it like this: You can’t run an empire with a weak ruler. But you can’t mark up your products without paying attention...

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Buy & Sell Wholesale Designer Handbags

What’s Hot?  Coach, Chloe, Balenciaga, Chanel, Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Louis Vuitton, we could go on and on… Pros of Selling Them Consistent high demand Cons of Selling Them Prevalence of fakes & the potentially harsh consequences of being caught selling fakes. Expensive to buy genuine wholesale designer handbags Consistent competition from other sellers (especially when selling on eBay) What’s Considered a Fake &...

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Anime Series Collection Creates an Explosion with at Least 74% Sell Rate

Anime is a catch-all term for Japanese animation. Ever since it was introduced in the West, its fans have continued to grow in numbers and new viewerships of different age groups have been attracted. Apart from the creative storylines, distinctive animation and catchy music, anime serves as a great medium for fans to celebrate their spirit and culture. So the anime market is constantly dynamic. But if you target specific market segments, the Labs show that anime series collections...

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