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Quick Guide to eBay Listing Upgrades: Are they worth paying for?

eBay fees are a sore point among many sellers. However, the fees you pay cover all the costs of making the marketplace so great. Along with listing fees and Final Value Fees, eBay also offers Listing Upgrades, but each come at a cost. These upgrades offer your listings greater exposure, and therefore, should increase your sale price. There are a few Listing Upgrades to choose from, so which ones are worth paying for? Below I've listed eBay's most popular Listing Upgrades and...

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New to eBay and Online Retail? The 2 Decisions All New Sellers Need to Make

Although starting an online retail business is straight forward compared to other types of business, there are some crucial decisions you need to make when you first start out. In this blog post, we dig into the two most critical decisions you will need to make and point you to some helpful resources that will ensure you get the best outcomes.

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eBay Apps That Make you a More Productive Seller

If you made $20 from 7 minutes work, you would feel pretty happy about it, right? However if it took you an hour to make that $20, your business simply wouldn't be as profitable. Profit margins on eBay can be tight. One way to help increase how profitable your selling ventures are is to really streamline your systems and make each transaction as fast for you to process as possible. Time is money, people!  Using eBay apps are a great way to speed up the process of listing, managing and...

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4 eBay Listing Pitfalls that Let your Competitors Win

There’s no such thing as an eBay seller who has no competitors. There’s nothing wrong with having competitors... you just have to be better than them. Here are 4 pitfalls commonly seen in eBay listings that make it easy for your competitors to be better than you. Which are you guilty of? Your eBay listing titles are boring Standing out from your competitors means differentiating yourself from them. What will make your listing stand out more than your competitors? You can count on a good...

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Rumors of New eBay Fee for Improved Search Exposure

eBay sellers around the globe are getting set for a rumored new Premium fee that would give sellers improved search exposure. We recently wrote about eBay's changes to their search algorithm, Best Match, and how it has affected sellers. Could this be eBay's solution to seller's complaints about the new search algorithm and the fact that it has caused sellers to lose sales?  Rumors of this new Premium fee came to light last week, when some sellers were asked to take an "eBay...

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eBay Rolls out Changes to 'Best Match' Search Algorithm

eBay has recently rolled out new changes to Best Match, eBay's sorting algorithm which determines which listings rank at the top of the search results. Best Match is crucial to making sales on the platform and therefore, this new algorithm change can affect many sellers on eBay.  So what has changed with the new algorithm?  Well eBay aren't dishing all the details, and don't expect them to, but spokesperson Johann Hoff has said that "The real key to getting and keeping a...

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How to Conquer the eBay Summer Slow Down

Here it comes again. The annual slow down on eBay that comes every summer. While the rest of the northern hemisphere is outside lapping up the sun, graduating from high school and college, barbecuing and road tripping, eBay sellers get hit right where it hurts: The bottom line. So how can you prepare for the summer slow down? Here are my best tips. Diversify your product range If your product range is limited by seasons, diversify! I know this seems like an obvious option, but...

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Mastering eBay Search Part 2

In my last blog post, I discussed four of the five main aspects of eBay's search system, as well as how best to list your items to gain maximum exposure on eBay according to each major search factor -- Keywords, Categories and Item Specifics, Product Information, and Sorting.  For this second part of the post, I've saved the most complex search factor for last -- Best Match.  Although Best Match has been the default sorting method on eBay for a few years already, most...

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The Fundamentals of Compelling eBay Listings

  eBay PowerSeller and Former eBay Top Seller Account Manager, Erika Garnica, is back with more eBay listing tips and tricks. In my last Salehoo blog post, I concentrated specifically on eBay item descriptions.  I mentioned some of the easiest and best ways to make an eye-catching, effective item description. In this post, I’m going to expand beyond just the item description and cover a few other important aspects of creating a good listing. Writing a Magnetic...

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