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Sell Jewelry Online: What You MUST Know to Succeed in 2018

In 2016, more than 29 million people purchased jewelry online daily. So buying and selling jewelry online is big business and can be hugely lucrative!

With stats like these, however, it’s safe to say that competition is huge. Not to worry though! We’re here to provide you with an expert guide to get you on the right track.

Ready to become an entrepreneur selling jewelry online? Let’s dive in!

Why Sell Jewelry Online?

With jewelry being a billion-dollar online marketplace, why wouldn’t you want a slice of that pie?

Because jewelry is a consumer product, it knows no boundaries! Jewelry appeals to both men and women no matter their age (or culture)! With this in mind, you know that you’ll never run out of buyers.

Check out what’s being bought online:

Image Via:

Jewelry is also hugely diverse:

Sellers can offer rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, or belly rings, just to name a few. Each of these products can be made from hundreds of different mediums such as gold, diamonds, gemstones, shells, beads, and more!

In fact, jewelry is so diverse that if you start digging into the multitude of options, you may find your head spinning. For each unique piece comes a unique design and so on. Take a look at the image below for a better insight.

Image Via:

Head spinning, yet? These are just the clasps available to tie your jewelry together! If something so small is this diverse, there should be no problem finding unique pieces to offer your customers, right?

Right! The number one thing you should focus on before starting your jewelry store is understanding how to keep it running.

So, how do you sell jewelry online to make a living? We’re glad you asked!

How To Sell Jewelry Online For Maximum Profit

Because fashion is a fluid industry, you’ll need to keep your customers engaged by updating your product range and adding up to date trends to your store. Keep in mind that fashion is an ever-evolving niche with new trends and fads.

Your customers will constantly be on the lookout for new pieces to add to their wardrobe. In order to make sure you have these new hot items in stock, you need to know about the trends even before the most devout fashionistas!

But, how do you know when new trends roll in? Great question! One way is to follow jewelry blogs such as:

  • Gem Gossip - This blog was created by Danielle Miele, an avid jewelry collector. She mainly blogs about the different types of jewelry she finds on her travels, but keeps her followers in the loop with what’s hot right now.
  • The Jewelry Loupe - Created by jewelry blogger Cathleen McCarthy, who is highly knowledgeable in jewelry and fine art. She has been a contributing editor for several high-profile magazines, so you know she’s well-informed.
  • Gem Obsessed - This blog was created by Cheryl Kremkow, who discusses the most innovative jewelry on the market. She often writes blog articles on topics like celebrity jewelry, jewelry design, and jewelry trends.

But here’s a pro tip for you: Plug in the keyword “jewelry trends” into Google Alerts for up to date trends. When you do this, Google will help you out by emailing you when a new article pops up including your keyword - nice!

Finally, SaleHoo also offers a way to find new jewelry by using the Market Research Lab. Here, you’ll find hot new products including how much an item is selling and average profits.

Key Tips To Follow Before Setting Up Your Store

To be honest, it’s going to take more than following a few well-known jewelry blogs and typing in keywords to rank your online store.

A few extra tips to follow are:

  • Create your own jewelry niche. Without a specific niche, your online store might be a flop. Doing this won’t restrict you, it’ll keep order within your store. Just like clothing, people shop for specific staple pieces of jewelry. If someone is looking for a statement necklace, they’re not going to rummage through bracelets, earrings, and chokers to find the perfect one.
  • Wear some of the jewelry you plan on selling. Why? So you can see what it feels like. A good rule of thumb: If you can’t wear it all day, your customers won’t be able to, either. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of yourself wearing it. More on product photography here.
  • Create deals your customer won’t be able to pass up. These deals may include an earring and necklace set, or a trio set (earrings, necklace, and rings). Be sure to include the price for the set as well as the price for each piece separately. If you’re selling the set for $29, and want the set to look more appealing, write something like “Or, purchase one for $18!”. That alone sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

It's also best to do your research and try to get some inspiration from already established dropshipping websites. Here's a great list of dropshipping jewelry stores built using Shopify.  

How To Price Your Jewelry

One of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make: pricing your jewelry. A good rule of thumb to follow when starting out is to start with four times your material cost and packaging.

Most consignment or wholesale opportunities take up 40 to 60 percent of your retail cost. By starting your base price at 4 times your materials cost will keep you from working for free (or worse, losing money).

Think about whether or not you’re going to charge customers for shipping, too. If so, be sure to add in how much it’ll cost them before they abandon their cart at checkout.

Other questions to ask:

Will you accept returns? What about refunds? What will you do if your jewelry breaks before your customer gets it? Have a backup plan in mind for freak accidents, and you’ll be good to go.

Pro Tips For Selling Jewelry Online

Now that you’ve got a good idea on how to start up your online store, as well as what you’d like to sell, we’re going to offer you some pro tips to keep your store up and running.

Don’t worry, these tips are free of charge! All we ask is that you implement them daily (and share this article, if you found it helpful). Sound good? Great!

Tip #1: Avoid Fake Products

This is probably the most important tip we can offer you. By avoiding fake products, you’re saving your customers (and yourself) from grief. Did you know that brand-name jewelry (like Tiffany and Co., Bvlgari, and Gucci) are all victims of counterfeiters?

One sure-fire way to avoid selling fake jewelry is by only supplying materials from suppliers who are members of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Image Via:

As shown in the image above, it’s easy to spot fake jewelry. Most fake products will turn your skin green after a while (and, in some serious cases, can cause rashes). This ring, however, looks like costume jewelry, so the buyer should have seen this coming.

There are so many suppliers out there currently selling cheap products. Here’s the problem, though: If you’re caught selling knock-off items, you could have your website shut down. You could even face prosecution by the original brand owner!

Even if that doesn’t happen, your customers will still be unhappy and won’t come back.

Think about it - would you rather buy items at a higher cost to please your customers (and keep your store up and running), or buy dirt cheap knock-off items and get tons of negative reviews?

The answer should be simple: stay away from fake products.

Tip #2: Give Buyers A Reason To Choose You Over Your Competition

Selling jewelry online can get pretty competitive, as we talked about before. It's vital to think of a way to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other sellers before you get started!

Selling fair trade items is a great way to do this. Fair trade jewelry is made by artisans who work under safe and humane working conditions.

These workers are also are paid a fair wage for their work. Another great thing about fair trade jewelry is the fact that it’s also made without child labor and is crafted using environmentally sustainable methods!

If you labeled your jewelry as “Fair Trade” and explained what that meant to your customers, they’d go crazy over it. Knowing that they’re buying jewelry from a reputable source is something they’ll pride themselves on.

Tip #3: Run Strategic Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook campaigns will quickly become you best friend. Because you’re able to target consumers according to certain demographics (age, gender, and location) you’ll be able to reach a multitude of people whether they’re currently connected to your business, or not.

You’re also able to set a strict daily budget as well as select how long you want your advertising campaign to run. For more help on Facebook ads, check out this post by KlientBoost.

Tip #4: Keep It Consistent

Sharing posts on social media is vital to keeping your business in the loop, but you have to share content daily!

This means you have to constantly post pictures, blog posts, and simple status updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Take some time at the beginning of the week to gather some photos, quotes, or product shots and schedule them for different times during the week. Once you get good at this, try to schedule for two weeks at a time. (You can use a tool like Buffer to do this on the cheap.)

You’ll end up saving a lot of time by putting posts in the que. Doing this will ensure that you’ll never forget to post again.

Tip #5: Provide In-Depth Product Information

While you obviously don’t want to overwhelm buyers with huge paragraphs for each item, you’ll want concise and descriptive information for each piece of jewelry.

Most people want to know what they're getting ahead of time and, if anything is unclear, most won't reach out to ask questions.

By providing the materials used in designs up front, your customers will know exactly what to look forward to. You can even add why you love the piece!

More information also includes making sure your policies are easy to find so there's no confusion about returns, exchanges, etc., later on.

Finally, strong product descriptions can improve your store’s search rankings.

Four Hot Jewelry Niches To Get You Started

There are tons of wholesale jewelry suppliers to choose from, but because we want to help you succeed, we’ve picked out our top four suppliers from our Wholesale Directory.

Without further ado, here are four up to date jewelry niches to dig into!

Fashion Jewelry For Everyone

This website carries affordable fashion jewelry for, well, everyone! They carry nearly every staple piece of jewelry you can think of at a great price.

Salamander Jewelry

Salamander jewelry is more or less an alternative wholesaler. They carry body jewelry such as nose rings, eyebrow rings, belly-button rings, tongue rings, and more.

Planet Silver Jewelry

Can you guess what this wholesaler carries? You guessed it… Silver plated jewelry! They’ve been in business for over 15 years and are well trusted by many.

My Wholesale Boutique

Remember when we said that fair trade jewelry was incredibly popular? This wholesaler boutique offers tons of fair trade jewelry at a low cost. Their jewelry is unique and will help you stand out from your competition!

Wrapping It All Together

We’ve talked about why you should sell jewelry online, how to do it correctly, what to avoid when selling products, and even gave you a few wholesale jewelry suppliers to get started.

I’m afraid that it’s now time for us to part ways. Before we do though, let’s go over some of the most important details when it comes to selling jewelry online.

  • Create your own jewelry niche. Without a specific niche, your online store might be a flop.
  • Jewelry is a consumer product; it knows no boundaries! Jewelry appeals to both men and women no matter their age (or culture).
  • Create deals your customer won’t be able to pass up. These deals may include an earring and necklace set, or a trio set (earrings, necklace, and rings).
  • Stay away from fake products. It’s as simple as that.
  • Stay consistent when it comes to sharing posts on social media.
  • Provide detailed information to your customers. What they’re getting, if they have to pay for shipping, etc. This will help both you and your customer a lot.

Now it’s time for you to spread your wings and fly! Or at least, spread your wings and create a kick-ass jewelry store. Have fun!


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Adrian Brooks Collins on 22:08 23 Jul
Hi Alice Moore,

Thank you for the frank, uplifting, well crafted, direct, concise, well informed, entertaining and highly informative article. I especially enjoyed your inclusion of the fair trade element, key, and fundamental to my NEW JEWELRY company launch, pending immanently. I will integrate your many valid points and look forward to financial success soon!

Most appreciatively,

Norma JeanStock on 14:25 8 Aug
I make jewelry and also want to sell wholesale jewelry that I buy from China.What steps do I take to start and make it legal? It would be a home based business. I live in Alberta, Canada.
Keren on 21:01 12 Oct
Jewelry market is tough indeed! Thank you for this post, it actually made me feel good about how I'm doing business. I've opened my online jewelry store,, this year. Starting from scratch it's hard to compete with the big stores that are ranked high in Google, and yet keep prices low. I'm sure I'll make it though, my vision is too good to fail, and we're here to stay! :)

Come visit us and I'd love to hear tips and comments!
Melissa Johnson on 20:02 15 Oct
Hi, Keren!

You should definitely check out the SaleHoo community forum. We have a lot of other sellers there who I'm sure would be happy to provide some guidance and advice.

Good luck!
DoraLee on 18:02 27 Oct
Wow....your info is right on the "money".... genuine jewelry is difficult to sell on line.
I've had a website up for 10 years....& nothing sold. Went to a local Christmas bazaar & sold over $500. Also sold my jewelry @ a museum gift shop & high-end store...but had to give them 50%.
Would like to know is using Facebook, U-Tube, Blog, etc. to display & sell my jewelry would be 80-something, still love designing...but am slowing down. Thanks
Melissa Johnson on 16:00 29 Oct
Hi, DoraLee!

Social media and other online methods are a great way to sell products, but you need to have a cohesive strategy in place and understand a bit about who likes to buy your jewelry.

I personally think Pinterest might be the best choice for you, because of all the social media sites, it's the one most compatible with online shopping, and it's all based on visuals.

If you really want to boost your online sales, I recommend you check out our seller training center. We'll walk you through all the basics of creating a successful online store.

You can also check out our community forum, where you can talk to other online sellers and find out how they're making it work.

I hope this helps -- and good luck!
Khailesh on 18:52 15 Dec
I would like to set up a online Indian style jewellery items but I cant locate a good vendor to purchase from can any one help me out ?
Jim on 20:23 19 Dec
I have some Indian style jewelry I am looking to wholesale. How much merchandise are you interested in?
Alison Gilroy on 11:59 9 Apr
Do you recommend buy it now or auction? Piece by piece sales or jewelry lots?
What are your thoughts on costume, vintage? Antique, modern or all of the above? How do you research your jewelry?

Melissa Johnson on 16:42 10 Apr
Hi, Alison!

Those are tough questions to answer because it really depends on what you make/sell and who you're targeting. There's obviously a market for all different styles of jewelry. Vintage and antique pieces are really best suited to niche sites like Etsy or Ruby Lane, but you might also find some success on eBay. You'll have to test for yourself whether it's better to sell individual pieces or lots, and buy it now or auction. You can also visit the Salehoo research labs to find out a bit more:

Hope that helps somewhat!
Ana Romero on 0:13 8 Jul
Hi other than online and home parties..where else can you sell fashion jewelry at? My daughters and I started a online small jewelry business and we are looking for other places to generate business. what do you recommend? We have looked at farmers markets but we find jewelry vendors tend to make their own jewelry and all of ours is mixed. some items are handmade and others we have bought to resell.
Melissa Johnson on 14:59 9 Jul
Hi, Ana --

You can typically find that communities will do arts and crafts fairs, especially around the holidays. Where I live, the city's Parks and Recreation department handles them. Just be warned that they might have restrictions on reselling jewelry (they'll prefer that you sell your handmade stuff.) Malls and other shopping centers that put on special events will occasionally invite vendors to set up shop for the event as a way to attract more interest. They're also usually less picky about the handmade vs. reselling debate. Flea markets and consignmnent shops are other options to look into. With the consignment, just make sure you have a good contract and you're getting paid regularly.

Hope this helps!
Peter Smith on 4:42 8 Feb
Can anyone tell me the best online site where I can sell my jewelry online or in stores.
Melissa Johnson on 0:46 10 Feb
It's difficult to say without knowing anything about your products. For example, handmade jewelry is a popular product on Etsy. But you'll also find people selling jewelry on Amazon and eBay. Some of it is low-quality, but others may be expensive pieces.

It really depends on what type of products you offer and what your market is, so it's important to do some solid niche research.
Elle J. Gable on 5:21 25 Feb
I've been selling jewelry I buy online for about a year & recently realized I'd really like to do this asmy full time job, so I started doing a lot of research & reading. I found this very Iinfinformative. Thank you very much SALEHOO!
Loura alsiyabi on 4:12 17 Feb
what to need to open online jewelry store?
I mean what the first step, second...ect
if someone can help
I know company for drop shipping jewelry but don't know how to start?
Justin Golschneider on 13:56 17 Feb
Hi Loura! I'd start with this post on how to set up an online store:

Good luck!
Nicole Montanez on 14:33 21 Feb
I have a onlin jewelry boutique that I started last year and it's not successful at all. Would you be able to take a look at it and give me some pointers? Thank so much!
Justin Golschneider on 12:50 22 Feb
Hi Nicole! I think the biggest problem with your site right now is that it's slow to load. I'd have a developer try to implement the recommendations from Google PageSpeed Insights:

Also, if you aren't using it already, I recommend using Traffic Travis to help you boost your SEO so you can get more traffic:

I hope that helps. Good luck!
Nicole Montanez on 16:00 23 Feb
Thank you so mush. I will definitely look into that. Also is it very important to have modeled pics as well as product pics to make sales?
Justin Golschneider on 12:50 1 Mar
I don't believe so—it seems to me like the major online jewelry stores generally only have pictures of the jewelry itself, without any models. I don't think models are important with jewelry the way they are with clothing.
Kallista Designs on 9:13 14 Mar
Fake jewelry is also available on many online jewelry portals. if you want to purchase jewelry through online portals so you should purchased only from authorized online jewelry portals.
BonbonIA on 12:55 10 Aug
I make leather and beaded bracelets for people in recovery as well as spiritually minded folk and so far they are selling like hot cakes to friends and family but am wondering about Etsy and EBay.
Justin Golschneider on 15:45 10 Aug
Hi Bonbon! If you are making the jewelry yourself, you've already dodged some of the biggest problems with selling jewelry online—you don't have to worry about fakes, and you don't have to try hard to set yourself apart from the competition since everything is unique and handmade. I would definitely give Etsy and eBay a try.
Legatha Renee on 14:48 14 Aug
I love your site!
Your info is full of value!
Thank you!
Lara bodvuz on 0:32 21 Aug
Excellent and thank you
Irene baja on 18:47 26 Aug
I would like to appy your busines
Justin Golschneider on 17:31 28 Aug
Hi Irene! Our open positions are posted at

Feel free to apply if you see a job that looks like a good fit!
Daphne Floyd on 14:42 3 Sep
I think I have found my calling.
Ravi Goyal on 17:32 4 Sep
Nice article! My niche is silver jewelry (women's collection only) I started 2 months back!
Still Working out selling strategy, so the products is visible to millions of customers!

Rossy on 21:56 7 Sep
I need open my own jewelry company online how to do that best onile company looking Indian costume jewelry to selle big money to make what and how can I do that if give me gudi line to give god bless u thank you so much
Justin Golschneider on 12:58 8 Sep
Hi Rossy! You can find our beginner's guide to ecommerce here:

Best of luck!
Angie P Pennington on 18:57 13 Sep
I am really interested in making my own rings with unique, quality gemstones. Do you have any insight or wholesalers that would be helpful in my quest to launch a online jewelry shop that offers unique rings? I do not want to limit myself to rings however I don't want to sell a little bit of everything. I want to offer rings as well as either necklaces, pendants or earrings....haven't narrowe d it down yet . But I'm 100% sure I want my main product to be rings. Your article was quite informative and much appreciated!
Justin Golschneider on 11:22 14 Sep
Hi Angie! Do you need wholesalers for raw materials, or are you looking for a supplier who can create jewelry to your specifications?
Erika on 13:17 14 Sep
Thanks a Lot
Puerlla on 5:34 21 Sep
Thank you for writing a great article. very informative.
Julia McNamara on 2:28 22 Sep
Fab article!
shivani sharma on 5:10 11 Oct
Thanks for sharing information regarding jewelry. Such a nice reason to buy jewelry.
Sridhar on 14:12 21 Oct
All these tips are okay, but how do I find customers who buy luxury diamond jewelry costing for instance, tens of thousands of dollars. I have two items priced US$23000 each. Please be specific...
Phillflintof on 11:27 24 Oct
Amazing article, article is explained in a good way.Blog post can be a very good way to interact with others and involve in new and relevant discussion.
Nancy on 5:45 6 Nov
The idea of creating a warm and welcoming vibe in your store enables you to capture loyal customers. It's like giving them everything they need with additional care and proper respect. The right kind of attitude in the business really does help for the growth of the business. I was planning to buy some wholesale jewels here *** and would like to ask if you I should. Thanks in advance!
Richelle Monfort on 7:17 9 Nov
Hello Nancy,

Here are some simple things you can do to protect yourself when dealing with any supplier especially those found outside of SaleHoo.

Run a whois check on the supplier's website to verify when it was created (it is safest to deal with suppliers who have been online for at least two years), who owns the domain, and where the domain was registered (the country should match the contact details on the supplier's website). We recommend using (replace with the url of the supplier).

Search the SaleHoo forum for the supplier's website/company name and see what other members have to say.

Call the supplier's telephone numbers to ensure they are genuine.

Purchase a sample before bulk ordering to ensure that the item meets your expectations.

Watch out for sellers asking you to "safeguard" your purchase by sending your money transfer in the name of a friend or loved one, or by establishing a "test question". These actions will not protect you from a fraudulent seller.

Low prices do not necessarily mean fraud, but radically low prices should warrant a closer look. If a price seems to good to be true, it probably is. Ask the seller as many questions about the item's authenticity as you can before you go any further.

Always use a credit card or PayPal to purchase goods. These forms of payment are safe because they give you a comeback if something goes wrong. With these payment methods, you can usually have the transaction reversed fairly easily if necessary.

Hope that helps.
Preeti on 7:38 6 Nov
Hi Salehoo staff,

Read the article. We are doing most the of the stuff you mentioned. Expecting the business to grow. As someone rightly mentioned eBay does not work out if someone is trying to make money in the short run. We do not have have a lot of budget to burn and hence decided to stop selling on eBay.

noreen on 16:26 16 Nov
thanks for this! I have a question..... you mention to Not sell fakes but what if i don't know a particular jewellery item is a brand I had never heard of and a but from a wholesaler and sell?

I have recently started selling bracelets on ebay just to test the market etc, and I ordered anchor bracelets... and was also using Instagram as a marketing tool ( all images were my own) when a company (paul hewitt) reported my page to Instagram and my account has since then been shut down. Instagram told me to contact the companies legal team who have ignored my many emails... as have Instagram.

It took me months working on the page , and to get a solid number of followers and possible new suppliers... although the bracelets I sell are very similar, their quality is completely different which I have specified anyway. When i contact the companies legal team to ask for clarification they have ignored me?

Richelle Monfort on 6:45 17 Nov
Hello Noreen,

Due diligence is key. I understand that you were simply reselling products your found through your supplier but if those products were copies of that supplier who reported you, it's unfortunate but there's nothing much you can do.

Our members are always encouraged to do research before starting to sell online.

All the best!
jewels galaxy wholesale on 9:13 17 Nov
We’ve talked about why you should sell jewelry online, how to do it correctly, what to avoid when selling products, and even gave you a few wholesale jewelry suppliers to get started.
Richelle Monfort on 4:18 20 Nov
Hello there,

The blog above has helpful tips for you on how you can best sell jewellery. All the best!
Syed Naqvi on 4:29 23 Nov
Thanks for sharing great information, We are also provides Online Shopping Services in Australia. Nice Work.......
Enchantress Co on 11:30 24 Nov
Great post. Thanks for sharing!
Jen Altrogge on 18:35 26 Nov
Hi Simon,

This is good stuff. It's a bit hard to sell jewelry nowadays, much less gold. I'll definitely keep your tips in mind.
Jyoti Sharma on 12:37 4 Dec
I want to know about buying jewelry online and this article is full of important points which is very necessary to know about process of purchase jewelry online. It will also give me a lot of ideas about artificial jewellery wholesale market
Namatovu Beatrice on 10:40 7 Jan
I have paper beads bags and necklaces but I have failed to sell them online,any help
Ilana on 2:28 8 Jan
Thank you for all the above information. What is the best online forum to sell handcrafted jewelry without killer fees. I have a facebook page and I want to create a website as well, but don't know which domain is best.
Thank you
Richelle Monfort on 3:27 10 Jan
Hello Ilana,

You might want to check out Etsy, RubyLane and Bonanza.

Misty on 13:51 22 Jan
Awesome article! I found it super informative and I was able to take your advice and answer each question.

I am setting up to sell gold jewelry. I am designing it and it will be solid gold pieces. How do I give documents stating its real gold?
Richelle Monfort on 6:43 23 Jan
Hi Misty,

Unfortunately, I was not able to find nay resources that specifically helps you with gold certification. But this website might help -

All the best!
Gabriel on 5:49 30 Jan
This was a very informative article. Thanks.
geet on 8:26 19 Feb
Your blog information is very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.
Henrik Michel on 5:52 1 Jun
Hi Alice,

Thanks for these great information you put together in this piece! To my opinion online presence and sales plays a crucial rule for the development of small companies and start-ups in our industry to compete with the big players.

However, some jewelry businesses still refrain from getting on social media, especially smaller businesses, because for them it can seem very time consuming. After all, with so many businesses existing on social media, how can your jewelry business stand out? I agree that you need to put in some efforts to get results but in the long run it is the only way forward!

As a jewelry company, you already have your eye on trends. With Instagram/Facebook, you can share your findings and create a conversation around popular trends and use this kind of content to get attention and advertise your pieces. Its a great way to encourage customers to engage with your brand by posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces or highlight your most loyal customers.
Social media is one of the best ways to have a digital presence and to drive traffic to your website. If you’re not on social media yet, why not? You are most likely losing sales and audience share. After we implemented our online strategy we have been able to increase significantly our online referrals and got valuable market research since we were able to analyze search pattern on our website.

Social media is about creating conversation and community; having a brand that people want to be involved with and that is inspirational. When you engage with your customers, your brand will seem friendly and approachable and people will begin to know, like, and trust your brand. Brands that people know, like, and trust are the brands that succeed and that people like to engage with, which will turn into revenues!

Good Luck!
Henrik Michel
Aline Bassani
Ruth on 6:32 2 Jun
Do The wholesalers Drop Ship?
Richelle Monfort on 1:51 5 Jun
Hello Ruth,

Yes we do have wholesalers who also dropship their products. To gain access to the directory please visit

Ronii on 18:54 1 Aug
How do I get more customers to buy from my site
Caitriona Lui on 7:22 13 Aug
In 2016 more than 29 million people purchase jewellery online daily. So buying and selling of jewellery online are increasing its profit and popularity which has no end. Purchasing of jewellery is very inconvenient for people because there is a no edge of jewellery. People also must have the knowledge about jewellery. Day by day there is a high craze of jewellery in modern life. People wear jewellery like silver, gold, platinum, sapphire, diamond and many more attractive designs are there. One of my sisters purchased jewellery from Jewelry1000, which is one of a kind of very precious for everybody.
Thyler on 13:41 13 Aug
Cheers guys!! Massive thanks for tippin- straight from newborn baby, fairtrade natural only jewelry makers right at the edge of the world where materials are plentifull! We'll surely share the article around- a perfect almanac. You guys rock!
PRAMOD KUMAR AGRAWAL on 7:28 22 Sep 2018
India market is too competitive compared to us market.Profits are very to get better profits.
Rhea Bontol on 6:14 16 Oct 2018
You can try selling at your own web store to avoid competition, while promoting your site online and offline to generate traffic. That way, you'll have more control over your profits as you avoid price war at the same time.
Growith-VA on 14:03 3 Oct 2018

Business in online require much skill and research and we always look for new Ideas and tips for doing that Efficiently.

Very useful guide and tips. Thank for share!
Rhea Bontol on 6:16 16 Oct 2018
I'm glad you found this article useful. There are more niche ideas for you here:
Parul Dave on 10:25 13 Nov 2018
I have created my e-commerce website in the Buildabazaar e-commerce platform.Can I sell other websites products online through the website in which I sell my products?
Rhea Bontol on 2:11 16 Nov 2018
You can definitely do that. Helps increase your chances of making a sale. Just make sure you agree upon with your suppliers' terms and conditions on where you sell their products.
garima on 7:58 21 Nov 2018
Great guidance and advice to startup the business online. I just want to add google campaign for marketing your business online.
Rhea Bontol on 6:14 23 Nov 2018
Agree! Helps increase your traffic and conversions.
Dave on 22:14 7 Dec 2018
I have a large collection of new fine jewelry set with diamonds, and gemstones from our family retail jewelry store we closed in 2006. This inventory has been in a bank vault since that time where would you recommend to sell it online. The prices range from $75 to $1200 wholesale. at $350 gold prices.
Rhea Bontol on 4:48 10 Dec 2018
You can try selling at your own online store. This article will help get you started:


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