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How much does it cost?

SaleHoo used to retail for US$67 lifetime membership. Our site has since been upgraded and expanded a number of times, and the price has now gone up to US$67 per year to cover the cost of all the new features. However, you may find some testimonials from customers who purchased SaleHoo a few years back mention $67 lifetime membership as the purchase price.

SaleHoo has come a LONG way since that time! We have now improved our directory search feature and added a new feature - supplier snapshots which are designed to help you learn more about the supplier you will be dealing with. Also, we have  added at least 2,000 more suppliers, more resources, and a custom-designed market research software.

All you will ever pay to be a member of SaleHoo and to access all of our resources is US$67 for a year's membership.

Join SaleHoo now and start building a strong, profitable business. 



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