Dropshipping vs. wholesale

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11 Jul 22 06:08:57 pm
New ways to widen your business opportunities appear if you begin considering dropshipping or wholesale collaborations with manufacturers. What’s the difference?

Dropshipping is a business scheme in which a customer places an order in an online store, which is later transferred to a manufacturer or wholesale supplier. The manufacturer processes the order and sends it to the customer. The online store reimburses the cost of the goods at the wholesale price and earns on the markup, and the manufacturer gets an additional sales market.

Wholesale trade is the sale of products in large quantities. Most often, goods bought in this way are intended for resale in the future, but at the same time, consumers of a large volume of products also act as wholesale buyers.

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12 Jul 22 12:50:43 pm
For dropshipping, think of is like you're having an online store in which you have listed some of the products, and one of your customers orders a product and your suppliers send the products directly to your customer. Without any products stored in the store or warehouse, you will be making a profit without any risk.
In our Dropshipping program, we provide a 30% profit margin.

Wholesale is buying products in bulk with wholesale price, later selling the products at a higher retail price in your physical store or online store.

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