Based in India and wants to sell on Amazon

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6 Jan 17 02:06:50 pm

I am from India and want to sell on (professional account created). Please let me know what to sell on Amazon? Drop shipping is profitable? How do I get dropshippers from USA?

Any help is appreciated.


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13 Jan 17 06:42:11 am
Hi Gunjan,

Welcome to the Forum! You can find hot selling product ideas that you might want to sell as well using the Link hidden: Login to view.

Dropshipping on Amazon can be a challenge, yet I'm not saying you can't make a decent profit. The market on Amazon is highly saturated which means you'll also be dealing with large competitors. You can get around with your competition should you substitute a hot selling brand with a lesser known brand. Although there are some that prefer branded goods for known quality, selling a lesser known brand with similar features is almost just the same. Trade Sony bluetooth speakers with a cheaper alternative such as the Earson brand - there are even better models that are completely waterproof, meaning you can submerge it underwater. The best way to sell these items, specially when dropshipping, is to know how to market these products by highlighting their best features, and comparing it with a known high quality brand.

In your case, it's better to sell products on countries where your suppliers are located for faster shipping. Use the Link hidden: Login to view to filter suppliers based on region and supplier type.

Hope this helps.

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10 Feb 17 07:47:09 pm
Hi Gunjan,

Rhea made some excellent points. To add, Amazon allows some dropshipping and frowns upon others (Link hidden: Login to view). You'll want to keep this in mind, as you start your journey.

Primarily for our international Resellers, EnRoute Global started a process probably back in 2015, where we ship directly to Amazon FBA on behalf of our Resellers (only from a couple of our warehouses). This is beneficial where our international Resellers have selected the products they want; however, do not have to engage a pack and prep company to deliver to Amazon warehouses.

Additionally, if you are looking for products to sell on Amazon, message me and we can discuss your operating model, purchasing criteria, sale history and trending expectations, etc.

All the best to you!

Skype: M.Williams.EnRouteGlobalExchange
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13 May 21 06:43:49 pm
I'm created an individual account on and looking forward to work with any supplier that makes me good profits. Please provide me some easy ways to dropshipping on amazon.

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14 May 21 11:28:09 am
ppunj25 wrote:I'm created an individual account on and looking forward to work with any supplier that makes me good profits. Please provide me some easy ways to dropshipping on amazon.

Good Morning,

Kinbo Corporation dropships to every single country in the world. We ship our products to every single country in the world excluding Syria, South Sudan, Venezuela and North Korea. We do not charge anything for shipping.

So how does it work?

  1. You take products and sell them on your on Amazon, Ebay or any other platform. Your profit margin is around 50% so it is extremely profitable to dropship with us. For example a t-shirt which sells on our store for US$10 can be easily sold on another platform for US$20.
  1. After a buyer buys the product from the platform, you have to buy our product with their information when you purchase the product from us. The buyer pays you and then you pay us for the product and you keep the sale profit.
  1. Make sure that the address you fill up is theirs and not yours. After that within 3 weeks the product would ship to your buyer's doorsteps all under your brand's name.
We accept payments from PayPal, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover & Visa.

Why should you choose us?

[*]We offer 24/7 customer support. We literally have 3 people working 8 hour shifts to aid our customers and support them. No matter what timezone you are in, we are always here to support you.
[*]Our products are of the highest quality and are manufactured in strictly controlled private facilities in the leading garment producing countries of the world.
[*]We do not have any middlemen working for us. We work directly with the garment owners to source the products directly from them.
[*]We offer high quality products at affordable prices. We make sure that our products are made with the utmost love and care.
[*]We do not make promises that we cannot keep.
[*]There is no starter fee to start with us. You also do not need to have a reputable store to buy from us.

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